Our Aims



United Badminton Association aims and objectives 



We are a growing organisation; we started with 17 associated clubs back in 2018 and now we have 30 clubs nationwide (26clubs in England and 4 clubs in Wales). The United Badminton Association is a consortium of British South Asian (BSA) Sports/Badminton Clubs based throughout England and Wales. United Badminton Association came about because we wanted to do more than just play Badminton; we want to bring about positive changes to encourage more participation and diversity. 


Badminton is one of the most widely played sports within the British South Asian community, in particular Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities, with regular tournaments held acrossEngland and Wales. In places like Kidderminster, Newport, Oldham and Newcastle club night starts at midnight. This is a particularly male-dominated environment, with the vast majority of participants working in the hospitality and transport sectors hence the late night starts and tournaments being held during the weekdays. 


U.B.A Objectives:

Objective one: To promote and engage the BAME communities, in particular British South Asian in the sport of badminton. 


Objective two: To support the natural development of players, clubs and start new badminton programmes for women, children and young people.  


Objective three: To recruit, train and develop volunteers in order to increase volunteering and ensure longevity of programmes.


Objective four: Use badminton as a force for social change, community cohesion and to improve health and wellbeing. 


The emergence of a unique sporting subculture, created by British South Asians falls outside the norm or what is considered conventional. Our objective is to capture that momentum to have a greater impact and encourage sporting growth by way of creating new participation opportunities for women and children.