Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabaraka thuhu.

Dear Brothers in Badminton, with the help of like minded people together with a shared vision, we have established a new organisation for the furtherance and betterment of our badminton community.

Our aims and objectives are as follows:

• To develop the Bangladeshi badminton community on par with mainstream badminton.

• Create a clear structure and professional standard for all U.B.A tournaments.

• Organise 'quality tournaments' in line with our aims and objectives.

• Motivate and engage our next generation through development and training programmes.

• Help and support the creation of "badminton development projects" for children and young people in England.

• Create a player ranking system, based upon ability and skill in partnership with badminton England.

• Community engagement and development through badminton.

Cities/Towns Represented:

Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol, Newport, Swindon, Stoke on Trent, Chester, Coventry, Worcester, Kiddiminster, Liverpool, Cardiff, Hull, Northampton,London, Portsmouth, Manchester.

We will undertake the launch of U.B.A Super Series with a Tournament scheduled to be held on Tuesday 13th of February, at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes ( Home of English Badminton). This will be in the format of a 3 category tournament with limited entries.

In our 1st year we will organise 9 U.B.A Super Series tournaments known as Destination Milton Keynes (DMK). The aim is that only the best of the best will qualify for the DMK. Qualification to DMK will be based on player ranking points earned over the 9 U.B.A super Series tournaments. The more tournaments you participate in, the better the chance you have to qualify for DMK home of English Badminton.

We hope that you will endeavour to support us, to help more people, in particular children and young people into this fantastic sport.

We thank you in advance for your kind support.

Jazzak Allah Khair
Executive Committee
United Badminton Association.